Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hot and Sexy Chilean Babe - Pamela Diaz

Now we got another Latinos babe here, she is Pamela Diaz, she is known as a model from chile, unfortunately there's not much information about Pamela diaz in the internet, but i hope this little information about her would enough to describe her sexiness. Pamela Diaz is a 26-year-old Model from Chile. Chile was known as the exporters of wine, copper and top-heavy models, like this one.

She also known as the wife of the chilean footballer Manuel neira, beside as a model, she was also appeared in the not-so-epic Mission to Mars (2000) as the ‘Pretty Girl 3’

She also appeared in the Triumph Underwear Fashion Cup which was held in Germany in 2006. Models assembled there to show-off their sexy lingerie to the world with a vague sporting aesthetic

We have feature several WAG before like Rosario Cannavo, Nereida Gallardo, and also Kirsten Pazik..

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