Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hottest Girls in IT World Today

IT world was not confined to the male anymore and has become a common perception, if the fans are identical computer with a "nerdy" glasses, hard to get along with, rather strange, and male oooppsss ... usually less attractive. However, with the arrival of the Internet, it seems that all that has changed.

IT is no longer the world's only men but also by women.eventhough, somewhat difficult to find a female fan of IT as well as beautiful as a supermodel or actress, women still have that type. Not believe? Just look at the bottom row of this woman! They got the skills and the looks..

10. Wendy Cheng

This Beautiful woman from Singapore started her blogs in the year 2003 and since then, she slowly began to become famous with her opinions which are original and very open, especially in terms of fashion and sex

9. Blain Butler

With her background as a stand-up comedian, she succeeded in making herself a technology expert speakers who are naturally funny. He had filled the show on Comedy Central channel in the United States and worked as head writer on G4 (a TV show and website about the world of technology). His face can be found on the G4 site "Geek Out".

8. Kristen Holt

Former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and participants of American Idol 2 is also part of the G4 television program, which as host.

7. Amanda Congdon

This Graduate of Northwestern University became famous since the appearance of her video blog technology, namely "RocketBoom". In addition, she also had documented in the video about her travels around the United States by using Hybrid cars and currently, she is developing a show with HBO

6. Veronica Belmont

Blood inherit both parents, which is a toy company executive, she had worked at CNET as an audio producer after she graduated from Emerson College majoring in audio production and media science. Less than a year ago, he came out from Cnet and join the new search engine called Mahalo, where she is developing a daily video about the technology.

5. Cali Lewis

Together with husband, Cali developing a podcast-based site with the name "GeekBriefTV". In addition, he also has launched a technology advisory blog called "Dear Cali" you can see on, and he also has started a podcast show for the iPhone.

4. Olivia Munn

Olivia is one of the host on G4, especially the program "Attack of the Show".

3. Jessica Chobot

When an image is licking PSP Jessica appeared on the internet, she has become a sensation overnight. The owner of this beautiful face filled the articles associated with the gaming and technology in several media such as: FHM magazine, the show "Attack of the Show," G4's, and the site IGN

2. Morgan Webb

Women born in Toronto, Canada This is a site administrator, producer, and researcher on the program site "The Screen Savers" TechTV's. In addition, he also became a columnist in the magazine FHM.
1. Amanda MacArthur

Amber began to attract the attention of many people since he's hosted G4TechTV Canada.

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