Sunday, December 13, 2009

If Denise Milani Meets Chelsea Charms

We have posted about the comparative between denise milani and rachel aldana before in girlsmodele. both of them was known for their breast size. moreover rachel aldana was known as the woman with the biggest breast in UK. now in this edition we will give you another comparation between denise milani and Chelsea Charms.

Like We know Denise Milani is the most sought ever busty in the internet

How about Chelsea Charms?? Charms has appeared on the covers and in the pages of Buxotica, Score (March 2000), Hustler Busty Beauties (April 2000), and other adult magazines specializing in large breasted models.

Charms achieved her large breasts through the use of polypropylene string breast implants. The string implants irritate the breast pocket which, in turn, promotes the production of fluid. The fluid is absorbed by the implant, resulting in continuous, gradual growth

How if they meet each other?? here's the picture.

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