Sunday, January 24, 2010

Self Defense Tools for Woman

As we know woman is not as strong as man, and they need a self defense tools wherever they go, because there's so many bad things out there that could be threaten woman's live. such as the robbery, the rapist and many more. There's so many things that needed for their self defense tools. one of them is a pepper spray.

Pepper Spray is a lachrymatory agent which is a chemical compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain and even temporary blindness. with this pepper spray the woman could defense their self against the criminal and also for a wild animal like dog and bears.

But where you can find these tools?? how about if you try to go to safety girl dot com?? they Supply personal emergency kits, emergency disaster preparedness kits and many more self defense kits for woman. such as the pepper spray.

Beside proving a Self Defense kits for woman, safety girl dot com also provide a safety gears for woman at work. you can find out the other emergency kits and also the safety gears in Safety girls dot com

You know the equipment such as pepper spray could be a great gift for valentine, you can show your lovers how much care do you have. it's a great idea to show them.

If you decide to give them a mace or pepper spray as a valentine gift so why don't you go to saferygirl dot com and select your chosen one. since there's several kind of pepper spray that provided by safetygirl dot com.

For an example is a pepper spray for joggers. it's really useful if your lover like to do jogging in the morning, criminals who may see a female jogger as easy prey. Some criminals have figured out that a jogger may be too winded to put up a fight, thus, easy pickings for robbery and/or rape. so it's really important if you protect your lover with this safety kits from safety girl.

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