Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ted Williams Homeless Man with Golden Voices

Ted Williams Homeless Man with Golden Voices, Here's a homeless man who got an amazing voice as his gift, his name is ted williams, he might be a homeless man but he got a golden voice. could he become another Susan Boyle? The Video of his golden voices was viewed more than 8 million times now.Way to go ted.

Upon first glance, he looks like your average dude holding up a sign at the side of the road -- but anyone who takes a minute to talk to him will realize that he has an out-of-control amazing voice.

The result: less than 8 hours after the call to action was posted on Reddit, Ted has been scheduled to appear on Columbus' 'The Morning Zoo' radio show. What's even better, other Redditors have offered their services to help jumpstart his career, including money donations (over $1,000 so far), a cell phone, a business suit and a website.

Here's the Video of Ted Williams the Homeless man with a golden voice.

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