Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Japanese AV Idol and Her Zodiac Sign

If in our previous post we talk about the Zodiac sign of the hot celebrity from the west, now we go to the east and then try to investigate the zodiac sign of those Japanese AV idol. like we know japan has so many AV Idol, and also Gravure idol or we can say that as Swimsuit Idol. OK forget it, just focus on their zodiac sign..

If you have interest on Japanese beautiful lady and especially on japanese AV Idol so you have to check this out on Japanese AV Idol and Her Zodiac Sign

Maria Ozawa
Born : 08 January 1986
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn

Yui Ichikawa
Born : 10 February 1986
Zodiac sign : Aquarius

Nanami Wakase
Born : 07 March 1985
Zodiac Sign : Pisces

Rei Amami
Born : 28 March 1984
Zodiac Sign : Aries

Yuriko Shiratori
Born : 29 April 1983
Zodiac Sign : Taurus

Hara Fumina
Born : 22 May 1981
Zodiac Sign : Gemini

Atsuko Yamaguchi
Born : 27 June 1981
Zodiac Sign : Cancer

China Fukunaga
Born : 28 July 1981
Zodiac Sign : Leo

Jun Natsukawa
Born : 19 September 1980
Zodiac Sign : Virgo

Risa Kouda
Born : 10 Oktober 1985
Zodiac Sign : Libra

Maria takagi
Born : 25 Oktober 1978
Zodiac Sign : Scorpio

Nonami Takizawa
Born : 14 Desember 1985
Zodiac Sign : Sagitarius

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