Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Megan Fox Thumbs Swap on Motorola Commercial

Have you seen a new Motorola commercial played by Megan fox?? look at that commercial where megan fox generated a fair amount of online chatter over the weekend, but not as much buzz as Google and Doritos, according to Chicago-based marketing firm Alterian.

Alterian tracked online buzz related to Super Bowl ads between Dec. 1 and Feb. 8, monitoring conversations on forums such as blogs, Twitter and message boards. Heading into Super Bowl weekend, Motorola ranked eighth out of 35 advertisers in volume of mentions. In Alterian’s final results, which saw the total list of advertisers grow to 46, Motorola dropped to 12th in volume. Alterian data showed that the Schaumburg-based was more frequently discussed on Monday than on the day of the game.

On Alterian’s Social Engagement Index, which measures reach and popularity, Motorola rose from 19th to 16th. The company also jumped from 33rd to 17th in sentiment.

Did Megan Fox need a thumb double for her Motorola commercial seen during the Super Bowl?

Apparently, Megan Fox has a condition known as brachydactyly. Brachydactyly means “shortness of the fingers and toes” in Greek. Basically, it’s a clubbed thumb.

You be the judge!!

Watch carefully in this video of Megan Fox’s Motorola commercial seen during the Super Bowl.

megan fox s hands, megan fox, megan fox s thumbs, megan fox s, megan fox s toe thumb

You see, a bathtub can change your life just in minutes but the problem with it is that it can’t do it alone. For this, it needs a thumb of Megan Fox and Motorola phone. This troika can even ruin the peace of whole world as it did with many dudes in Super Bowl Commercial.

Megan Fox is a big star after her Super Bowl Motorola Commercial in which she is shown bathing in a bathtub. She has a Motorola phone in her hand and she uses her thumb to operate phone. For an experiment, she sees what would happen if she sends her pictures using “Motoblur” features. The results are funny as well as drastic. A ladder-man that was climbing on the ladder falls on the ground while his partner who was assigned to hold the ladder is busy in watching Megan’s pictures. A couple starts quarreling with each other on the issue of pictures and many more.

So, this troika is very dangerous especially, the thumb of Megan Fox who started all this first because Motorola and bathtub are static things and they can’t do anything by their own but the thumb is dangerous of all.

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