Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fantasy Girls Art by Lorenzo Sperlonga

Fantasy Girls Art by Lorenzo Sperlonga, There's so many beautiful and hot fantasy girls art on the internet or even a 3D computer graphic girls, but now we're gonna share you some beautiful fantasy girls art by Lorenzo Sperlonga, Well anyway who is he?

Lorenzo Sperlonga was born on 1969 in Rome, Italy. He studied illustration, graphic design and animation in Roberto Rossellini Italian Institute of Cinematography and Television Programs in Rome. In 1989, for a moment at the Valeri Visual Arts, he began working in Graphic Design Lapis Lapis until 1997 he developed advertising campaigns, illustrations, storyboards and interior design.

From 1992 to 1993 he worked with VALLARDI Publishing for child-oriented fairy tale comic books "Tiramolla" and to produce works SATELLITE TV magazine illustration and caricature painting. Year 1994 marked the beginning of his career as a pin up illustrator: he had his first chance to cover SKORPIO EURA published by one of the largest comics publishers in Italy: since then several times appeared every year on Italian newsstands. In the same year he also began his work with PLAYMEN Comix and other titles in the adult industry.

Check out this beautiful and hot fantasy girls art by Lorenzo Sperlonga.

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