Monday, September 12, 2011

Cristina Buccino Hot Italian Babe | Hot and Sexy Cristina Buccino

Have you heard about cristina buccino before?? she is known as one of the hot babe in italia, i'm sure that there's so many hot girls in italy. cristina buccino is one of them, actually there's only a little information about her in the internet. and unfortunately i didn't find the correct data for her.

So I’m guessing she’s one of maybe 700 million hot girls on Italian TV, the smartest television programming in the world (except for Japan). This is a real chance for me to take another swipe at American television. When are we going to get it together on the cursing and nudity?

Granted “24” is definitely back and Jack Bauer is a badass again, but let’s go guys. Get it together.

Oh yeah, more of Buccino after the jump

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